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Analysis of the work


  • The Educational programs are provided with the sufficient classroom fund, equipment and library resources for the implementation of the educational process;

  • The university established social infrastructure for students and staff;

  • The strategy of the university is focused on the development of the corporate culture and professional development of staff.

Areas for improvement:

  • The infrastructure of the university is not quite suited for people with learning disabilities.

Standard 6. the Information system provides the effective implementation of the educational program

Organization and decision-making

The collection, analysis and dissemination of the necessary information for the effective management of the educational program is provided by the document and records management of NSPU.

The analysis of the current situation is based on the collection and use of information relating to: the results of the monitoring and NSPU processes implementation; estimated the staff satisfaction, opinion polls of students, employers, students and parents, the discussion of NSPU Development Program, the results of assessment (due diligence) and the University rating score.

The information is used: when conducting SWOT-analysis activities; when developing and maintaining NSPU Development Program, the development of policies, strategies, and objectives of the Mission of the University (Appendix 2).

The information relating to the businesses, organizations, educational institutions, where the university graduates work and / or study goes through the external statistical reporting. The data is analyzed at the meetings of the Directorate of the Institute, dean, university administration, the board of the Institute, the faculty, the Academic Council and is used to update the policy and strategy. The information from the companies and organizations employing the graduates, is in the form of letters of thanks and reviews to the Rector, the Dean's Office. It is used by the management units and is communicated to the producing departments.

The information about the teachers’ activity goes to the educational methodical department in the form of plans, reports on the work of the departments, as well as through the rating form of PPP and chairs (Appendix 6). They reflect the information on the implementation of the teacher individual plans, professional development, research publications, participation in research and NIRS. This information is used by the personnel department and the Academic Council during the competition for the election to the post of teachers, as well as in the formation of plans for further training.

In addition, the education quality center, dean’s offices regularly survey students opinion about their satisfaction with the quality of teaching.

The employee information is collected in the personnel department, and includes information on the passage of certification, professional development, etc., to more effectively generate staffing and build individual trajectory of their professional growth.

The effective form of interaction with consumers is held on the basis of subject NSPU regional Olympiads for schoolchildren (http://mininuniver.ru), as well as cultural and sports and recreational activities, designed for a wide range of young people. The information about the students is collected and analyzed by the dean, the educational department and the departments.

All the received data is used to improve the organization and content of the teaching.

Through participation in conferences, exhibitions, official correspondence, personal contacts and information provided by the media, each unit collects the information on other organizations and society as a whole. In particular, the participation in the annual job fairs the most accurate method to assess their position on the development of the educational program.

The site of the university regularly updates the information on the opportunities for employment of university graduates (http://mininuniver.ru).

The organizational structure of NSPU aims at ensuring a high level of cooperation within the organization and the project approach implemented at the University. The Collaboration within the project allows departments to delegate experts in various parts of the educational process and involve the staff of other departments. This creates the elements of the matrix management structure, which is one of the most important aspects of TQM.

The decision-making processes are carried out on current issues in accordance with the established nomenclature of affairs and the law of interaction between departments. Achieving the stated goals of the program is largely due to the work of different departments of the University, by activity (the educational department, the Office of Information Policy, the quality center, etc.). This allows to organize and structure the effective flow of information, provides training activities with all necessary documents, can designate targets and prioritize them in different periods.

The maintenance, on the one hand, of the hierarchy of interaction, on the other hand, the potential for discovery of the structure of the parallel interaction with each other allows to efficiently organize and carry out the activities of the standard testing of new processes, refining the content and organizational steps in the process of the dialogue.

The electronic document management system provides effective information exchange and structured interaction in the process of decision making.

The strategic objectives and projects to improve decision-making on organizational matters and risk management activities are included in the strategic development program of NSPU.

The main mechanisms for the dissemination of information are:

  • NSPU online publications (www.mininuniver.ru), dean, departments and teachers blogs;

  • publication of the information on the NSPU network page "Vkontakte";

  • use of electronic document management systems;

  • publishing information on the bulletin boards of the faculties and departments;

  • use of the established on the basis of the initiative the email addresses of the working groups).

Internal quality control

The center of education quality management (CEQM) developed, adapted and tested a variety of forms for students and teachers: "The quality of the training sessions in high school," "The quality of education at the University through Student Eyes" and others, regular monitoring of the teachers and students satisfaction with of the quality of education (Appendix 5).

The informing the faculty of the results of the questionnaires also takes place via the representative of CEQM a the Faculty Council, the faculty or inter-chair and departmental seminars. The results of the survey are analyzed at the faculty meetings which identify problems and areas for improvement. This makes it possible to make changes in the learning process and improve the quality of teaching. The results are taken into account in the rating evaluation of the teachers.
At the level of departments and faculty the following contact forms are used: meetings with activists of the students, monthly faculty meetings, meetings of the Faculty Council and individual meetings on activities, meetings with employers and strategic partners at the university and regional events.

A special form of feedback is the system of pedagogical practices, which are accompanied by a report on the results of student work. After analyzing the reports the practice leader gives a general conclusion.

The university electronic resources

The complex system of electronic document management on the platform LotusNotes / Domino firm IBM was established and successfully operates. This solution significantly reduced the cost of maintaining the paper work, improved the system of management processes, improved the efficiency of the university as a whole. The system also serves as a portal and provides the corporate communication of the staff and students of the university. The departments and faculties included in the university workflow system are connected to the electronic library resources and have the opportunity to use all communication channels of higher schools for publication of the results of their activities and achievements and the comparative analysis of the implementation of the educational program.

The information management at the university is implemented through the following channels: informatization of educational, scientific and administrative processes, the formation of modern technical and policy framework, support and maintenance of key processes, ensuring workers' access to information resources, the creation, development and support of web-based information resources. The analysis of the information management program is presented in Appendix 7.

The blog of the department and individual teacher blogs have the electronically submitted various textbooks, teaching materials and training tests in the disciplines and pedagogical practice, tasks for independent work of students, the questions to tests and examinations, the students ratings. In the teachers blogs there are links to the electronic resources on the discipline.

The university museum, library, newspaper "Student truth" play an important role in the organization of the information space of the university. The information is placed in the halls of the university buildings and information terminals.

Analysis of the work


  • The information is integrated in the university system of electronic document management;

  • The students and teachers have access to the electronic resources of the library;

  • There is a mechanism for the collection, analysis and dissemination of information needed to manage the educational program;

  • The students, faculty, and other stakeholders are involved in the evaluation and quality control through monitoring, rating of students and teachers, questionnaires and surveys.

Areas for improvement:

  • Lack of good technology of the comparison of educational programs in various areas of training.

Standard 7. Informing the public

Impact on cultural life

The basic mechanism of communication with the public is NSPU site information (http://mininuniver.ru/). In 2011 the rebranding of the corporate identity took place.

The formation of the positive attitude of the employees to the university is implemented in the following directions:

  • The University has a corporate identity (http://mininuniver.ru/about/fir_style), a constantly updated website (http://mininuniver.ru);

  • The museum of the University (the first exhibition was prepared in 1970);

  • There is a system of traditional events, which take place both within the university and in the environment (Open Days, Days of Freshman, etc.);

  • Since 2001, the monthly output of the university newspaper "The Professional" (since 2006 - the newspaper "Student Truth").

NSPU has established the stable social partnerships with the community organizations and government of the region (the Electoral Commission, Council of Veterans, etc.), since 1967 the NSPU students trade union has worked, the teachers’ trade union is over 40 years old have officers, they realize the rights and interests of the members of the workforce.

Connection with the profession

The main consumers of educational services of the University are: the state (main and priority order), employers and students.

The University’s Partners are institutions of higher and secondary professional education, research institutions, and they implement the joint educational and research programs.

The representatives of the public which are connected with the University are: the media, public and charitable organizations: the Council of Rectors of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Association of Trade Union Organizations of Nizhny Novgorod region, etc.

From 2006 to 2012 NSPU has happened to collaborate with contract confirmations with domestic and foreign universities, federal and regional authorities (Ministry of Education of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Department of Education of the City of Nizhny Novgorod, etc.), research organizations (Intel, the Institute of Vocational Education and Russian Academy of Education) RAE etc.).

In 2012, NSPU signed an agreement about the cooperation on the problem of the quality of education with FGBOU VPO "LETI".

NSPU teachers are involved in professional development (in-service training) of teachers of other schools through the NSPU Center for Continuing Education.

The university created curatorship that fosters professional and pedagogical orientation and motivation of students to professional and personal self-improvement. In order to determine the satisfaction with the quality of education and training at the university since 2007-2008 academic year the annual survey and ranking of students and graduates has been established. The results are discussed at the various levels of the administration and the Scientific Council of the University and are used to resolve inconsistencies and make management decisions for the improvement in the different areas. The assessment of the competencies of the graduates occur yearly at the Final State Examination.

The main structure of the monitoring of the employment and the demand for graduates is CEQM, which works closely with the faculty. The center provides information on available jobs vacancies for graduates and requirements to the applicants (the information is posted on the bulletin boards of the university and the university site), participates in the annual job fairs and organizes visits for the students to possible employers, participates in the national, regional, provincial, city events to promote the employment of graduates, makes monitoring of the employment of the graduates to analyze the demand for specialists in the labor market and the annual alumni survey on the satisfaction with the quality of education attained.

During 2009-2010 the presentations of several companies-employers were held at the University.

In 2010-2012 the following important events to understand the interests of the employers were held in NSPU:

Date of Event


24.02.2011 г.

Meeting of the Nizhny Novgorod Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

March 2011 г.

Meeting of the Directors of the Nizhny Novgorod region colleges

09.03.2011 г.

The meeting of "the Coordinating Council on the employment of graduates of the Nizhny Novgorod region"

26.04.2012 г.

the job fair "Opportunities and prospects of the teacher in the modern labor market"

To meet the current and future needs of businesses and employers for highly qualified specialists the university is developing and improving the existing system of the mutually beneficial cooperation with the social partners. One of the emerging forms of the cooperation between the university and the industry is training specialists based on preliminary bids from the companies for graduates.

Information for prospective students

The university site contains the information for entrants: the preparatory courses, admission rules, "entrant calendar." The applicants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the results of the reception of the previous years. There is information about the educational programs.

The faculty regularly has open days: the story of the faculty, student parents’ counseling, meetings of the entrants with the first-year students and graduates of NSPU. The booklet for the faculty entrants is regularly produced. The faculty students take part in career-oriented work. They prepare computer presentations of the teaching profession and show them to high schoolchildren during the period of their teaching practice. The flyers with the information about NSPU are hung in educational institutions of secondary education and vocational training.

Analysis of the work


  • the faculty regularly publishes the information about the educational program on the site and its print editions about the university.

Areas for improvement:

  • the university site does not have an English version.

Appendix 2

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